I-PASS account management online

January 29, 2004

I-PASS accounts can now be accessed and managed online. The Illinois Tollway's transponder customers can now go to www.illinoistollway.com or www.getipass.com to check on recent toll transactions, update bank or credit card information, add funds to their prepaid balance, add or subtract vehicles to the account, or make changes to the license plate number on record.

The state governor Rod Blagojevich is taking full credit according to a Tollway press release, and supporting family time: "This new technology application is an important customer service improvement that progresses (a Windy City verb?) the reform agenda and our goal to reduce congestion on the Tollway so drivers can spend less time on the road and more time with their families. This is a good example of how we are using technology to make government services more convenient."

Online purchase of transponders and establishment of accounts was available from last summer and the new account maintenance by telephone.

"On-line I-PASS account management is the next step in the running the Tollway more like a business because it's more convenient and cost-effective," said Illinois Tollway Exec Director Jack Hartman.

A number of other tollroads offer account management though we aren't aware of others that allow customers to check recent toll transactions. The Illinois system now seems to have one of the most comprehensive online ET account systems. TRnews 2004-01-29

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