Huge costs of toll-financed Dulles Rail for end-of-line-county

April 18, 2012

Decisions on the future of the toll-financed Phase 2 of Dulles Metrorail project now rest with Loudoun County, closer-in Fairfax County having given the go-ahead.

The two counties hold the key because they have to agree to financially underwrite segments within their jurisdiction in the final phase.

Thomas Cranmer of the Alliance working with the anti-Metrorail 'LoudounOptOut' group estimates that the County could suffer severe economic damage by continuing in the project.

The commitment to 2040 he puts at a net $713m comprising revenues of $563m to  expenditures of $1,277m.

The county has a population of a mere 315,000 people so that's $2260/per person.

Longterm forecasts like this we're very skeptical about. However the near years look even worse:

2016 to 2025 revenue of $92m and expenditure of $396m.

And none of this takes into account the costs of higher tolls paid by residents to fund the rail line, or the fallout from likely bankruptcies of the agencies involved.

Fortunately there's a chance this financially disastrous project can be stopped at Dulles Airport and prevented from going out into the Loudoun county suburbs.

Loudoun County councillor Ken Reid points out many residents will be better served using the VA28 station  in Fairfax County anyway, as opposed to those planned in the median of the Dulles Greenway in Loudoun Co.

The VA28 station has access not only via the Dulles Greenway but also via VA7 and VA28 - more options.

ReasonTV on Metro escalators:

TOLLROADSnews 2012-04-18

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