HTA David Centner's splashy proposal makes New York Times - marriage proposal that is

July 29, 2012

Highway Toll Administration's president and CEO David Centner made the New York Times this weekend with a splashy surprise proposal to his girlfriend Leila Samoodi in Union Square Park, Manhattan in which he deployed a troupe of salsa dancers.

The Times reports: "It was a humid summer evening better spent indoors when David Centner, 46, and his girlfriend, Leila Samoodi, 35, found themselves crossing Union Square Park this month only to come upon salsa dancers rehearsing in the plaza.

"Suddenly, the music changed, and in what seemed like a bizarre act of randomness, a crowd of some 100-plus strangers rushed to the center of the plaza and began to dance to 'I'm All Yours' by Jay Sean in near-perfect synchronization...

"Ms. Samoodi was doubly surprised when she saw Mr. Centner, a typically shy corporate executive, jump in and join in the dance.

"She had no idea what this was all leading to until Mr. Centner, who had carefully orchestrated this flash mob, took her hand and led her into the circle of dancers.

"I thought he just wanted to go out there and show me he could dance," said Ms. Samoodi..

"My pretty Leila," he began nervously. "From the moment I met you, I fell in love with you." Then, dropping to one knee, he said, "Leila, will you marry me?"

"I didn't have a clue that he was proposing until he went in the middle," said Ms. Samoodi, who quickly agreed to his proposal." END QUOTES New York Times

BACKGROUND: Highway Toll Administration (HTA) has been handling electronic toll collection for rental car companies since 2002 and has done over 10 million electronic toll collection transactions using both transponders and license-plate imaging or i-tolls. They also handle violation notices.

HTA currently covers 1.3 million rental cars.

They are headquartered in Great Neck, Long Island, NY.


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