Hillary C joins Road Gang

August 1, 2000

Hillary C joins Road Gang

Originally published in issue 50 of Tollroads Newsletter, which came out in Jul 2000.


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Amazing what the desire to get elected will do to people! Hillary Clinton, the posterwoman of the liberal/environmentalist left, champion of socialized medicine etc says she supports a $3.5b bond issue for some $2b worth of highway projects in upstate New York and Long Island. One involves upgrading of NY-17 to I-86 along the southern border with Pennsylvania. NY-17 has already been upgraded to motorway standard over long stretches but the planned bond issue would finance upgrades of the missing legs around Elmira and through the Catskill mountains. Hillary also expressed support for the so-called ‘Rooftop Highway’ Watertown to Plattsburgh, about 260km (165mi) skirting around the northern edge of the Adirondack Mountains in the St Lawrence River valley. It would roughly follow US-11.

Other projects set to be funded, if the bond measure passes a statewide ballot coinciding with the election include: highway widening in Suffolk county on Long Island NY and in the Syracuse area. There is also money for transit projects and for intercity rail. But Clinton has already been badmouthed by the Tri-State Transp Campaign, the major anti-roads enviro group in NY and NJ for supporting “boondoggles” and “sprawl- and traffic-promoting sets of highway expansion projects.”

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