Goin' ET in a flash

April 3, 2000

Goin’ ET in a flash

Originally published in issue 48 of Tollroads Newsletter, which came out in Apr 2000.


Subjects:ETC adoption speed

Facilities:New Jersey Turnpike



The New Jersey turnpike’s traffic consultants project that within one month of operations of electronic tolling (ET) it should reach 50% of transactions electronic, and that within that short timespan queueing at toll plazas should be largely eliminated. Many of the NJ Tpk toll plazas commonly take 8 to 12mins at present in rush hours. The very rapid uptake of ET is predicated on (1) 2.5 million vehicles already in the NYC/nNJ area with E-ZPass for use on other toll facilities (2) a discount for E-ZPass users (3) much more free publicity for ET than they would ever wish for. (RPA 5/3/00) We’re a little skeptical it’ll all happen that fast, but even 2 months would be a quickie.

The startup could coincide with that of the Pennsylvania Turnpike over the Delaware River. Earlier this year the NJ pike was scheduled to begin May 22 but that deadline was missed and the “hope” now is for August. The NJ pike, also a trip toll system with tickets will go live all at once, but only after thorough testing for several weeks. On opening with ET it will introduce a peak/off-peak toll differential for ET-equipped passenger vehicles.

Both toll roads are members of the E-ZPass Inter-Agency Group which is dedicated to interoperability.

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