Four initial contenders for Jacksonville FL Outer Beltway toll concession - mostly international

March 7, 2008

Spanish international infrastructure companies dominate in the initial statements of qualification for the big Jacksonville Florida "First Coast Outer Beltway" toll concession. Florida DOT released the details of the four groups that have submitted Statements of Qualifications, the first step. In the next step Florida DOT will choose some or all of these four to make proposals.

The four groups going into the first stage were:

(1) ACS Infrastructure (Spain, not the US ACS) and Macquarie

(2) Cintra and Skanska

(3) Itinere

(4) OHL, Goldman Sachs, Global Via, Meridiam

The outer beltway project involves some $2b of construction work including a major estuarial river bridge.

Total length opf the proposed 2x2 lanes expressway project is 74km or 46 miles.

Florida Turnpike Enterprise studied the project and found it financially non-viable as a standalone toll project.

One analyst summed it up as: too outer, too much road for too little traffic, too soon. But he added that if a way could be found to stage the project to grow with traffic to postpone some of the outlays, it might be made into a viable project.

Here is a release from FDOT giving more details of the teams including non-equity members:

TOLLROADSnews 2008-03-06

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