Former NY, NJ governors hit politicized PANYNJ

March 11, 2012

Two former state governors are quoted as saying that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) has been debased by politics in a report in Transportation Nation, a website of National Public Radio.  New York ex-governor Eliot Spitzer  (Dem 2007-08) says it has become "dominated by politics, not substance."

"Overlay on top of that the reality of two states balancing and juggling competing political needs and you have clear opportunities for waste and outright corruption."

Richard Codey (Dem) governor for a year 2005 after James McGreevey and now a senior state senator from Essex Co  is quoted as saying the bi-state nature of the agency slows everything down and involves wasteful compromises.

Codey says there won't be any reform of the PANYNJ until both state governor stop rewarding campaign donors and other supporters with seats on the PANYNJ board of directors: "we want people that are non-partisan and who are professionals and clearly we have gotten away from that. There is no question about it. People that are on these authorities are big donors. Whether that be on my Democratic side or on the Republican side. So I think both parties need to take a hit on this."

Plus both governors say the PANYNJ needs to get back to focus on its core mission of transport infrastructure.

Codey: "Well you would think that Port Authority is running the bridges and tunnels and that would be it... You are supposed to be doing the infrastructure that binds us together."

Instead PANYNJ had got diverted into "economic development."

Codey is quoted as calling that "really the role of the federal government and the state."

And don't they have some investor risk capital left in New York and New Jersey for economic development?

Or did it all go to Texas?

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