November 28, 2012
By Peter Samuel

TOLLROADSnews is for sale.  It's time to see if someone else can make something more of it. I'd like to continue writing for it for a while longer, but it needs to be less-Samuel. It needs a new editor and new contributors. Most of all it needs a new owner.

Assets include:

- an established reputation for lively, independent reporting

- about 2,500 regular readers

- a rapidly developing and interesting industry to cover

- leading industry advertisers

- searchable archives over 6,000 articles going back 15 years

- title and URL

- Steph Zaharuk's website development and handling of ads

Major liability is my disinterest in the business side of it.

I'd hoped Steph would take it over. She's worked up some promising ideas for developing it as a business but she has decided she can't raise the capital needed herself.

To be financially viable she says TOLLROADSnews needs to go to some mix of free and subscription content.  To do that the website may need to be rebuilt. We need to automate handling and payment of RFPs, Events, Industry Postings etc.

That needs expertise we don't have.

Maybe it needs to package reports into a monthly with more depth.

It could be more useful to readers and writers with databases of projects, toll operations, traffic, and toll rates.

It needs proper international coverage.

Someone new needs to own it and develop it.

I'll happily be an employee or contractor chatting on the telephone, reading stuff from here and there, and tapping a keyboard for a year or two more.

But I'm 72 and I'm wearing out - nothing dramatic but the eyes get sore, the memory isn't as good, energy levels are down a bit.

Now's the time to try see if someone else can do something with it.

Proposals, suggestions, referrals welcome: or call 301 631 1148. Or to talk business ideas contact Steph Zaharuk at or 201 874 0268

And please spread the word - Peter Samuel 2012/11/28

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