ETC Corp to do UT/ I-15 Express back office, adds to DRJTBC, WsDOT

January 14, 2010

Electronic Transaction Consultants (ETC Corp or ETCC) have been selected to do payment processing and a major part of customer service for the Utah DOT tolling on the I-15 Express Lanes through Salt Lake City. TransCore has the primary toll systems contract for front end equipment and system software for the variable pricing that will be introduced some time this fall.

Dynamic pricing of the lanes to allow better utilization - while maintaining free flow conditions - is replacing an introductory $50/month decal program for solo drivers that was the first step away from an underutilized High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes setup. I-15 is the major north-south corridor through the Salt Lake City metro area.

ETC Corp will deal with all aspects of account management and most customer service in a back office procurement just concluded by Utah DOT.  Service will be provided via a website, telephone, email and mail.

A telephone routing system will send inquiries about local conditions to some Utah staff.

The CSC has to be operating in about six months in preparation for the TransCore front end going live.

ETCC has a customer service setup in Richardson Texas in the northern suburbs of the Dallas metro area. Its biggest client so far in service from there is Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission which covers toll bridges on the Delaware River between New Jersey and Pennsylvania from Trenton north.  That includes tolls on the US-1, I-78 and I-80 bridges among others.

ETCC recently gained a contract to provide back office services for a developing Washington state workload - to cover the new tolling on the SR520 bridge as well as the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and WA167 HOT Lanes. Systems work can be done there, but customer service for Washington state will be handled there out of a local facility ETCC is establishing.

A spokesman for ETCC said the company was able to offer UDOT an attractive proposal because they are already geared up at their Richardson Texas facility with training, staff, equipment and systems.

Ted Hull-Ryde of ETCC is quoted: "ETC's existing hosted solutions and services align with (UDOT's) requirements. By adopting our customer service operations environment, UDOT has dramatically reduced both capital and ongoing operational expenses to provide transponder account management services to its community. Furthermore, by contracting with ETC, UDOT's advance marketing programs and customer account services will be in full operations in less than six months from our contract start date."

UDOT on their Express Lanes website say transponders will be available to customers "Fall 2010."

ETCC's contract is for three years of services with two possible two year extensions.

The contract price has not been released by UDOT as we post this report.

COMPETITION: ACS is the clear US market leader in electronic toll customer service with huge contracts in the northeast, mid-Atlantic and California. Other major TOLL customer service contracts are held by Faneuil and TransCore.


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