Dulles Gway, Indiana TR and Chicago Skyway traffic #s down, $s up

July 21, 2011

Macquarie Atlas reports traffic numbers this year are down on three US toll concessions but because of toll increases, revenues are up. In the western part of the Washington DC metro area Dulles Greenway traffic is down 5.9% second quarter this year compared to last, Indiana Toll Road traffic down 3.8% and Chicago Skyway traffic is off 5.5% - all compared to the second quarter of 2010.

Average daily traffic on the Greenway in Virginia this second quarter has been running 48.2k/day vs 51.3k in 2010Q2.

On the Indiana TR they calculate full length equivalent trips or FLETs. In 2011Q2 these were running 73.1k/day vs 77.4k 2010Q2. The barrier system that is more heavily dependent on car traffic - people summating and Chicagoans traveling to recreational destinations on the Lake is down the most strongly (4.6%) while the more long-distance trucking oriented ticket system is down 3.5%.

Chicago Skyway is running 43.6k daily this second quarter vs 46.2k in 2010Q2.

All three facilities increased toll rates at the end of 2010Q2 - on July 1 2010.

The toll increases were more than the drop in traffic so revenues were boosted 2011Q2/2010Q2:

- at Dulles Greenway to an annual $69.3m from $66.5m or 3.9%

- at Chicago Skyway to $69.1m from $60.6m or 14%

- at Indiana TR to $174.3m from $159.2m or 9.5%

(NOTE: these are a simple multiplication of daily revenue by 365, so there is no seasonal adjustment)

MacAt say the declining traffic is the result of the feeble US economy, ongoing construction work and the toll increases.

Fortunately they are also invested in Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhon (APRR) with annual toll revenue of close to $2.5b/year and stronger on truck traffic


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