DRJTBC's Frank McCartney to Parsons Brinck PERSONNEL

June 26, 2012

2012-06-26: Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission (DRJTBC) executive director for 13 years Frank G McCartney is retiring to take a new position of Toll Industry Market Leader at Parsons Brinckerhoff. McCartney is known more broadly than the Delaware River being active in IBTTA and the immediate past president of the industry association.

McCartney is 65.

Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) is huge in transit and quite a presence in complex construction projects and roads generally, but has not been prominent in toll projects in the US - it got poor reviews for its performance some years back in the botched Big Dig project in Boston with the Massachusetts Turnpike. PB has since played a role in just three projects we know of - the ICC in Maryland, and the I-10 Katy toll lanes in Houston, and is currently engaged on the Alaskan Way Tunnel in Seattle WA. But small beer compared to Atkins, Jacobs, URS, Aecom, CDM Smith and many others.

(July 14: I have just learned the above paragraph greatly understates PB's involvement in tolling and have asked them to provide me with an account that corrects this, which we'll publish as soon as we get it - editor.

see http://tollroadsnews.com/node/6064 for letter 2012-07-17)

McCartney is clearly part of an effort to remedy that, although other prominent toll personalities with considerable accomplishments seem to have disappeared into the giant PB maw - never to be heard of again. Others with tolls work joke about PB as a retirement home, something McCartney will obviously be working to change.

The announcement from DRBJTC says commissioners praised McCartney for the extensive capital improvements he had successfully managed covering some 100 DRJTBC projects to improve DRJTBC facilities and customer service including a transition to gateless operations and the installation of free-flow open road toll lanes at the I-80 and I-78 crossings.

They might have said too that he had presided over some nice rehabs of historic bridges under DRJTBC jurisdiction, and successfully advanced the biggest DRJTBC project of all - rebuilding and tolling of the Scudders Falls Bridge on I-95 near Trenton. Close to the hallowed ground of General Washington's epic night crossing of the icy Delaware River Christmas night 1776 to rout King George's surprised Hessian mercenaries in the dawn assault on their positions in Trenton NJ.

Commission chairman David DeGerolamo is quoted as giving tribute to McCartney: "He has transformed this agency into one of the best run and professionalized transportation entities in the tri-state region. With his administrative and engineering staffs he brought the commission into the 21st century. New systems became the norm and better planing replaced the old mindset of fixing something once it fails."

McCartney is quoted as thanking his employees for their dedication, commitment to serving the public, and their work, and as saying the job has been "the highlight of my professional career."

Frank J Tolotta director of operations is to be interim executive director at DRJTBC. McCartney and Tolotta were apparently recruited at the same time 13 years ago and first met in the parking lot of the DRJTBC building.

Tolotta has played a key role in moving the Commission's tolling from a manual toll-collection system to a largely electronics operation.

Tolotta has said he'll retire also and serve as acting executive director only until September 30. So they'll soon be recruiting a new ED.




see PB take on it July 17:


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