Demo of Ambassador Bridge Pier 19 PICTURES

April 18, 2012

Demolition of the Ambassador Bridge's Pier 19 got into full swing today. Michigan DOT's contractor working under a county judge's order broke up the deck above and began removal of the precast concrete I-beams below. Once the beams are all removed they'll attack the columns far right.

The construction was a stub intended as the approach to a new parallel cable stayed span that the bridge company has wanted to build to replace the 82 year old suspension span (blue steelwork behind.)

The Gateway project of which this was a part was originally intended to support the new span, but Michigan DOT switched its support to a downriver bridge that it will control.

The state charged Pier 19 was one of several breaches of contract by the bridge company and the state's position was upheld by the state courts on summary judgment, though the case was never fully heard.

The bridge company is being billed for the demolition work under the court order that put MDOT in charge of remaining work on the Gateway project.

Pictures from Gregg Ward, Detroit.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-04-18

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