Dan McGurran director of former FSTech unit at 3M PERSONNEL

September 12, 2012

Federal Signal's toll systems unit FSTech comes under Motor Vehicles Systems and Services  (MVSS) now it is integrated into the 3M company. In charge of MVSS is Dan McGurran, 40-ish, a chemical engineer by university education (U MInnesota) who has held many positions in 18 years at the company including National Sales Manager.

McGurran was heavily involved in 3M's acquisition of FSTech.

FSTech was run out of Irvine CA but under 3M the company's Twin Cities head office is in charge. FSTech with 500 employees had what it called primary facilities in Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Hong Kong, Dubai and the UK

Its five business units with head offices are:

- IDRIS: vehicle detection and classification solution, Britain

- PIPS: fixed and mobile automatic license plate reading hardware and software, Britain

- Federal APD: parking management and fee collection, Detroit MI

- Sirit: RFID transponders and readers, Misssissauga Ont Canada

- VESystems: toll account management and violation processing software, Irvine CA

TOLLROADSnews 2012-09-12

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