Cuba shows the way for California!

April 28, 2001

Cuba shows the way for California!

Originally published in issue 54 of Tollroads Newsletter, which came out in Mar 2001.


Subjects:SUV sustainable

Locations:Cuba California

Introducing the CastroSUV. All the comfort of a modern truck cab with a powerplant running on renewable energy resources. Biomass converter. Scarce fossil fuels conserved. Zero tailpipe emissions.* Guaranteed to fight urban sprawl. No need for freeways. Tranquil lifestyle supported. Safe for even the hearing- and sight-impaired to drive! Or loan it to the teenage driver without fear. Truly ‘Sustainable Transportation.’ Endorsed by California Air Resources Board, Sierra Club, Gov Gray ‘Lights out’ Davis. Exempt from tolls in Oklahoma!

• As measured by USEPA

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