Coin vaults for the taking - Florida's Turnpike offer

February 2, 2010

Florida's Turnpike have 800 coin machine vaults that are surplus and if any toll authority can use them, they're going for free.  Jackie Ives-Giles at the Central Repair Department in Pompano Beach says they'd hate to see them go to the junkyard if someone can use them.

We asked for details and pictures. They are CS Route/ TDC coin vaults about 15 years old, well-used but tough, and in decent condition.

They weigh 20 pounds each and have been stored on pallets in the department's warehouse.

Coin machines have been phased out as inflation has taken tolls beyond the value of two or three commonly circulating coins.

And electronic toll (ET) transponders have taken the place of tokens that used to be bought at a discount by regular users and tossed each day into automatic coin machines.

But some coin machines continue on in use, especially at unstaffed ramp toll points, often alongside ET lanes.

If you can use the coin vaults please contact:

Ms Ives-Giles at or tel 954 917 1308 ext 102

Pictures she sent us below:

TOLLROADSnews 2010-02-02

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