"Bomb threats" at Detroit River crossings mishandled to encourage more nuisance EDITORIAL

July 17, 2012

The Detroit Free Press and other local media are sensationalizing the activities of a nuisance caller. Twice now in the past week someone has called authorities and said there was a bomb - first in the Detroit Windsor Tunnel and then yesterday at the Ambassador Bridge just a mile away.

In both cases the local media and authorities have been played for suckers and have treated the calls as credible threats. In neither case was there any bomb.

There was no "bomb threat."  The Detroit media have it all wrong.

There was a "possible bomb threat" until it became clear there was no bomb.

At that point it became a "phony bomb threat" or a "fake bomb threat."

Logically there can only be a "bomb threat" if there is an actual bomb. Until we know there is a bomb you can't logically say there is any "bomb threat."

Overdramatizing these nuisance calls - with four and five hour shutdowns of the crossings and lots of media - has to encourage more. 

Such idiots get off on seeing everyone taking them oh-so-seriously, scurrying around squeaking stupidly like frightened mice.

If anyone really wants to kill and disrupt and has a bomb, the last thing they'll do is make any threat.

Real bombers bomb. They don't make threats - editor.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-07-17

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