Bergen Arches loss

February 19, 2001

Bergen Arches loss

Originally published in issue 53 of Tollroads Newsletter, which came out in Jan 2001.


Subjects:trnasit gains use of right of way

Facilities:Bergen Arches

Locations:Jersey City NJ

Sources:Brett Schundler

Jersey City mayor Brett Schundler unfortunately has given up on his project for a toll road link through the Bergen Arches to the Hudson River waterfront. (TRnl#29 July 98 p1) July 13 1998 he declared at a press conference there: “This is a project to double east-west roadway capacity between northern New Jersey and the Hudson River waterfront and Manhattan. We have done a lot of fixing things up the past few years and we’ve repaved and repainted, and we’ve got to do more. But it is also high time we expanded road capacity east-west. We’ve got 4-lanes (of expressway) and we need 8-lanes. This project (Bergen Arches) will give us the extra 4-lanes we need.”

The Bergen Arches are a long abandoned 4-rail track right of way through the Palisades with tunnels and bridges in place. NJ Transit wants to build another huge loss-making project there.

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