'Bent Fly' of T&R fame to U Oxford, FHWA's Marcus Lemon to Baker & Miller (PERSONNEL)

March 17, 2009

Bent Flyvbjerg, the world's premier researcher and writer on megaprojects and traffic and revenue methodologies is moving closer to the world's financial center of gravity - from Copenhagen to about midway between London and New York, namely Oxford England.

With the world's rating agencies in a state of shock (and awe) over the great global financial fiasco and the toll authorities having to deal with unprecedented drops in T&R we're in need of all the critical thinking we can get about where the world's traffic is going. Huge investments in infrastructure only pay off if there's paying traffic to use them and cover the costs. If the investments aren't made for traffic that would pay, then there's the waste of congestion and depressed economic productivity.

So right-selection, right-sizing and right-timing of projects is key to social payoff.

Flyvbjerg, 56, got wide acclaim with Megaprojects and Risk: An Anatomy of Ambition in 2003 and a heap of other papers and reports on megaprojects written when he was a professor of planning at Aalborg University in Denmark and at Delft University of Technology in Holland.

He's now taking up a position at the BT Centre for Major Programme Management, one of twelve units of the Said Business School of Oxford University.

But he isn't leaving behind any of the consonants of his last name and those of us without the requisite tongue agility to handle those scandinavian consonant combos will just have to continue to greet him as Professor Fly or just Bent.


http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/faculty/Flyvbjerg+Bent (not active as of 3/17)

Marcus Lemon to Baker & Miller lawyers

FHWA former chief counsel Marcus J Lemon is joining a new Washington DC law firm Baker & Miller PLLC as a partner. Lemon, 39, and a specialist in finance law and transportation projects was director of the bunch of lawyers at Federal Highways in the last months of the Bush administration under Mary Peters.

Earlier Lemon was the lead on several financing strategies for new programs including the border congestion relief program. A Pennsylvanian he got degrees from Franklin & Marshall College and Dickinson School of Law and worked in law offices in Harrisburg. He has experience at the Pentagon where he rose to deputy chief of staff in the Inspector General's office.

http://www.bakerandmiller.com/index.htm (just one page as of 3/17)

TOLLROADSnews 2009-03-17

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