Appeal to the IBTTA board and membership to reconsider the Jones media rule

July 30, 2012

(copy of an email sent to leading people in IBTTA)

All:  At the recent Atlanta conference of IBTTA Pat Jones unveiled a completely new rule excluding the media from all but the formal sessions of IBTTA conferences. It was spelled out in the conference program: "MEDIA: Members of the media are permitted to attend sessions ONLY..." (page 13)

Twice during the conference Pat interrupted conversations with members to confront me and force me to leave in order to enforce this new anti-media policy.

He had no reason for this confrontational behavior apart from the claim that IBTTA members want the media confined to formal sessions, and that the board of directors endorsed his exclusion of the media.

Both claims are baseless. I have been able to find no one apart from Jones himself who wants the media excluded from informal and social aspects of IBTTA conferences. Board members told me they had never discussed the media exclusion rule, that it was Jones' doing alone.

Until the Atlanta conference there was no restriction of this kind and I am perplexed as to why Pat Jones is trying to impose it now. I asked him privately before I published my criticism of the policy whether he would reconsider it. He said flatly "I'm not reconsidering the policy." (email July 27)

Therefore my appeal to you,

Peter Samuel
editor TOLLROADSnews
102W3rd St Unit 1
Frederick MD 21701
301 631 1148 mob 240 446 9736

my editorial on this:

TOLLROADSnews 2012-07-30

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