Ambassador Bridge reports 11.5% traffic rise 2010/2009 but still 41% below 2000

January 13, 2011

The privately owned and controversial Ambassador Bridge company have released their traffic numbers for 2010. They show a good recovery on 2009 (11.5% overall) and stronger for the high-toll truck traffic - up 17.4%.

The bridge company's PR Phil Frame writes: "Ambassador Bridge traffic in 2010 improved from the previous year, which was artificially low due to the impact of the automobile and parts manufacturing shutdowns associated with General Motors and Chrysler bankruptcies."

But, the company reports, 2010 traffic is still not back to 2008 levels, let alone the numbers in 2000.

Frame: "Although 2010 car and truck traffic beat 2009, it failed to reach 2008's level - even with a heavy snowfall in December that closed the Blue Water Bridge and sent a surge of additional traffic to the Ambassador Bridge. The last two years have yielded the worst annual traffic volumes of the past decade."

At 2.68m trucks are still 7% below 2008's 2.89m. Car traffic at 4.54m in 2010 is 2% up on 2008's 4.45m, but overall traffic at 7.22m is still 2% down on 2008's 7.39m.

All those numbers are way below the year 2000 when car traffic alone at 8.73m was greater than total traffic in 2010. Total traffic of 7.22m compares with 12.22m in 2000, 41% down.

Truck traffic is a bit closer to 2000 levels. At 2.68m in 2010 it is 23% down on the 3.49m in 2000.

The Ambassador Bridge numbers are more than statistics. Anti-Ambassador Bridge company people use rosy scenarios for growth of Detroit-Windsor traffic to justify a taxpayer-underwritten public toll bridge (DRIC) a mile downstream of the Ambassador.

TOLLROADSnews 2011-01-12

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