3M/MVS&S gets first certification from Omni-Air for 6C

September 10, 2012

2012-09-10: 3M's Motor Vehicle Systems & Services (formerly FSTech) today received the first OmniAir certification following testing for interoperability across equipment vendors and facilities. There was a ceremony at the IBTTA annual meeting in Orlando. Devices tested from the Sirit division of then-FSTech were:

- UHF Reader Model ID 5204

- UHF Reader Model ID 6204

- Headlamp Mount Tag Model ID-HMT-NT-L3S

- Windshield Mount Tag Model ID-WMT-NS-L3S

The 6C technology - in full ISO/IEC 18000-6 (Type C) RFID protocol - is the leading candidate for providing transponder-based interoperability (IOP) across the United States for tolling in time to fulfill the four year commitments made to the US Congress and their MAP21 law.

OmniAir's announcement says the 3M MVS&S equipment passed tests for both baseline interoperability (IOP) and applied interoperability.  Baseline IOP ensures that tag and reader pairs can transition successfully from one state to another (not NJ-DE but read state to write state etc) and to validate memory data.  Applied IOP ensures that tags and readers can withstand the toll road/motor vehicle environment. There is performance testing under varying conditions of of heat and light, humidity and other specified conditions.

Tim McGuckin executive director of the OmniAir consortium is quoted as saying there has been a tremendous effort to get to certification by 6C Toll Operators Committee which wrote a 6C-for-Tolling Requirements Document and developed a test framework.

McGuckin says the 6C certification is on offer to other equipment vendors will to submit their gear for tests.

6C is the leading candidate for US-wide interoperability because it reportedly works well doing everything needed in electronic tolling, because it requires roughly equivalent effort by the key toll regions (E-ZPass, Florida, Texas and California) in acquiring multiprotocol readers, because it is an open standard, and because the tags can be bought at giveaway prices in the range $1.00 to $2.00/tag.

see www.omniair.org


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